Fundraising is an important aspect of running our Scout group, as it provides the necessary funds to support the group's activities, programs, and equipment needs. Some reasons why fundraising is important to our groups are:

Overall, fundraising is an important aspect of running our Scout group, as it helps to support the group's financial needs, make Scouting accessible to all youth, engage with the community, and provide valuable skills development opportunities for Scouts.


Apple Day (October)

Apple Day is an outdoor event that we host across several different community areas. During the course of the day scouters, youth, and parents are stationed around different areas in uniform handing out apples and collecting donations for our scouting group. The collected donations go towards supporting various scouting programs such as camps, activities, and supplies. Apple day is an exciting and engaging event that brings scouts and the community members together in the spirit of service and learning.

Bottle Drive (January/May)

Bottle drives are something that we do a couple times a year within our communities of Waterloo. We hand out flyers within our community to raise awareness as well as post to online social media about the upcoming events. We collect all empty bottles and cans an then process them at the Beer store the same day. It makes for a long, but fun, day for everyone involved. The typical highlight of the day is getting to walk around on piles of cans crushing them all!