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Goodyear Memorial Scout Camp

Goodyear Memorial Camp - a 265 acre camp in the Hockley Valley just east of Orangeville. A variety of cabins, campsites and program facilities are maintained to support Scouting's outdoor emphasis. The camp is located approximately 60 km north of the City of Mississauga, just east of Highway 10 and the Town of Orangeville and overlooks the scenic Hockley Valley.
Goodyear Memrial Cam has 265 acres of open, wooded and reforested areas and three parking areas (lower west, upper west and north east.).
 There is als  a chapel located at the lower level, two formal campfire areas on the upper level suitable for any size group, a pay telephone located in the west upper parking lot, two marked hiking/activity trails, an activity area which includes a baseball diamond, soccer field, volleyball area,  archery range and equipment and confidence courses. Also the camp is within easy hiking distance to Island Lake Conservation Area and the Bruce Trail
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